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    What It Is

    Sulforaphane is one of the most promising resources available for improving your long-term health. Using sulforaphane results in a reduction of oxidative stress, inflammation, and toxicity. The way that this compound interacts with our bodies is complex and robust, but its natural source is one simple ingredient: Broccoli seeds.

    Eliminating Free Radicals With NRF2

    One of the greatest long-term health challenges that we face is the presence of free radicals in our bodies. These compounds damage our cells by stealing electrons from the atoms and compounds that comprise our tissues. Sulforaphane prompts the release of the protein NRF2, and NRF2 activates over 200 genes that actually cause cells to produce their own antioxidants (the answers to free radicals and oxidative stress).

    Fight Toxicity & Decrease Inflammation

    When cell damage from free radicals is reduced, our general inflammation levels also fall in response. And this is not the only way that Sulforaphane reduces inflammation. Many of the more than 200 genes activated by NFR2 work to reduce inflammation directly. They also prompt the creation of proteins and enzymes that bind to toxins, and remove them from the body. By addressing oxidative stress, inflammation, and toxicity, sulforaphane is one of the most dynamic supplements that you can take for long-term cellular health.

    A Promising Nootropic

    Because Sulforaphane can reach our brains, its impacts can be felt in a way that many others cannot. That’s why sulforaphane has shown great promise for mental health. It has even been shown to improve mood and overall mental performance.