Our Roots

For years, SMNutrition has been the #1 Bioidentical hormone balance brand on Amazon. When we realized what a difference we could make for people, we decided to branch out and create supplements for other areas of wellness.

Now we have a growing collection of high-quality products that bring well being into every aspect of your life. And it’s all managed and brought to you from our hubs on both sides of the Smoky Mountains: Nashville, TN and Wilmington, NC.

From securing Third-Party Certifications on all of our products, to providing exceptional customer service and fair pricing, we are unwavering in our commitment to quality and transparency. That’s what SMNutrition is all about.

The SMNutrition Philosophy

SMNutrition operates with one goal in mind: to use the power of nutrition to improve people's lives.

Whether it’s our customers, our employees, or our community, we believe in doing our best to make the world better with what we have.

More than anything, our mission is to serve people well. When we hear from customers who say our supplements have brought them the balance, relief, and support they’ve been missing, we know that our mission is being fulfilled.