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Quality Comes First. Always.

Every product from SMNutrition must meet our uncompromising standards long before it ever reaches your door. Our process is designed with you in mind from start to finish.

Thoughtfully Sourced Ingredients

A supplement is the sum of its ingredients, so we make sure our ingredients are the highest possible quality. We only work with manufacturers who are able to source the exact ingredients we select for our formulas.

Purity Is Our Priority

Our products are all manufactured in FDA-Registered facilities that adhere to GMP guidelines. All of our ingredients are quarantined as soon as they arrive at our facilities. This eliminates contact with outside materials, and ensures that the integrity of each ingredient is never compromised.

Testing, Testing, Testing

We sleep well at night knowing that every product you receive from SMNutrition has undergone multiple rounds of quality testing and passed with flying colors. Here’s how it works:

We Verify the Raw Ingredients

Raw materials are verified right away to ensure ingredient identity and safety. Once they pass, the ingredients are measured and loaded into machines that blend and create the supplements.

We Test the Finished Products

The supplements are made and then tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, mold, yeast, E. coli, and Salmonella. Testing at this stage ensures that the mix is clean and complete.

We Have Your Supplement Tested By A Third-Party Laboratory

When we think the supplements are perfect, we call on an independent, third-party lab just to be sure. The final products are tested once more to rule out contaminants. Then we receive a Certificate of Analysis, which verifies contaminant testing and ingredient identification, which we keep on file for every batch.

Taking these extra steps to make supplements the right way ensures you get safe and effective products every time.

Clean. Careful. Consistent.

In addition to third-party testing, we follow the most stringent Standard Operating Procedures put in place by FDA guidelines when handling our products. Our supplements are made in a clean room environment, and every bottle is thoroughly safety-sealed before being prepared to ship.

One Step Further

Our work isn’t complete when the supplements are ready for consumption. The product may be ready for you to enjoy, but we aren’t done serving you.

It is important to us that you find exactly what you’re looking for. On our product pages, we strive to give you all the details about our supplements up front: what’s in them, how they work, and information to help you determine if they are a good fit for you.

The Bottom Line? We’re Looking Out For You

Your experience is our top priority. It’s really that simple.

In an industry notorious for cutting corners and driving up costs, SMNutrition was founded on the idea that people deserve transparency, dependability, and affordability from their supplement brand.

See For Yourself

With trust as our cornerstone, we’ve crafted a variety of supplements designed to support every aspect of your well being.

Look for the Certifications That Matter to You*

We proudly represent the certifications that each product qualifies for on its listing.

*Not every certification acquired by SMNutrition applies to every product. Check individual product pages to verify ingredients and claims.