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    Shrink Sugar Cravings

    A growing number of studies confirm that the White Mulberry Leaf improves blood sugar levels after carbohydrates (like sugar) are consumed. With White Mulberry, both blood sugar and insulin remain significantly steadier in reaction to sugary or carbohydrate-heavy foods. It's even believed that White Mulberry Leaf may limit the actual absorption of carbs, decreasing their dietary damage. Steadier blood sugar and reduced carb absorption helps you get off the blood sugar roller coaster. Avoid the blood sugar spikes and dips that result in those unwanted sugar cravings.

    Designed For Weight Loss

    Key additions maximize the weight loss potential of White Mulberry Leaf Extract Complete:

    • Garcinia Cambogia - This fruit from India and Southeast Asia is excellent for controlling appetite and may even inhibit the process of turning carbohydrates into body fat.
    • Green Coffee Bean - Provides energy and metabolism support, as well as an array of powerful antioxidants.
    • African Mango Extract - Helps resist fat storage. Also helps control appetite and supports a healthy metabolism.
    • Cinnamon - Increases insulin sensitivity for additional blood sugar support, and is one of the most antioxidant-rich spices in the world.

    The Smoky Mountain Nutrition Difference

    This supplement is made with the highest quality ingredients available, in facilities with the highest standards in the industry so you get the absolute best every time. And every order from Smoky Mountain Nutrition is backed by our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren't thrilled with any purchase for any reason, we don't want you to pay!