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    Powerful Carb Blocker

    White kidney beans are naturally rich in a protein that actually blocks the breakdown of carbohydrates by the body. That means that a significant portion of consumed carbs pass through the body without ever being absorbed, effectively negating much of the dietary downsides.

    Blood Sugar Control

    Our bodies break down carbs into blood glucose, which is a quick and easy source of energy for our cells. But blood sugar levels must be closely controlled by the hormone insulin. High-carb diets produce more volatile blood sugar patterns as sugar and insulin rise and fall more dramatically. Using SMN White Kidney Bean Extract is the easy way to reduce volatility and achieve steadier blood sugar. When the body absorbs fewer carbohydrates, blood sugar stability improves.

    Reduced Appetite

    White kidney beans contain a compound called Phytohemagglutinin which helps suppress the appetite. Phytohemagglutinin accomplishes its appetite reducing effects by decreasing production of the hunger hormone Ghrelin. With less Ghrelin in your system, the brain receives less prompting to eat, and portion control becomes much more manageable.

    How To Use For Big Results

    Timing is important with White Kidney Bean Extract. The appetite reduction effects are universally useful, but in order to get the carb blocking benefits, you need to take the supplement at least 10 minutes before meals. By taking the supplement before meals you allow for the greatest amount of carbohydrate blocking possible.