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    Muscle Growth & Preservation

    L-Glutamine is an important amino acid that our bodies rely on for the synthesis of muscle protein. Our bodies create L-Glutamine, and it can also be consumed from plant and animal dietary sources. But normal L-Glutamine production and dietary consumption cannot keep up with the demands of resistance or endurance training. The body may even break down muscle tissue in order to replace L-Glutamine stores when levels begin to drop.

    By supplementing L-Glutamine you give your body what it needs to build the lean muscle encouraged by resistance training. And by warding off muscle waste, you hold on to the muscular growth that you achieve.

    Performance, Endurance, and Recovery

    Your body draws heavily on L-Glutamine during physical exertion. In fact, one hour of exercise can decrease L-Glutamine levels by as much as 40%. So it only makes sense to give your body everything it needs to perform at its best. Supplemental L-Glutamine keeps your body stocked with this high-demand amino acid, so you have what you need to continue without sacrificing performance.

    And when the workout is finished, supplemental L-Glutamine is there to accelerate recovery. The acceleration of exercise that comes with L-Glutamine supplementation is so considerable that L-Glutamine users report substantial reduction in the muscle soreness that so often accompanies exercise.

    Single Ingredient Purity

    We think that supplements should be as clean and simple as possible. That’s why Pure L-Glutamine Powder by Smoky Mountain Nutrition contains only 1 ingredient: L-Glutamine. You know exactly what you’re getting with Pure L-Glutamine Powder. Nothing but the foundational, protein-building amino acid that you’re looking for.