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    What Are Exogenous Ketones (BHB)

    The exogenous ketones contained in Keto Complete fuel you with the ketone energy that puts you into a fat burning state. Teaching the body to run on ketones has an array of health benefits, and is a great, guilt-free boost, especially for those on low carbohydrate diets.

    Enjoy over 800 mg of the exogenous BHB ketones you’re looking for in every serving of Keto Complete. We’ve used three crucial minerals to deliver the ketones you’re looking for with equal amounts (275 mg per serving) of Potassium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Calcium BHB.

    Big Electrolyte Value

    Because we know you’re looking for the supplement with the greatest impact, and the highest value, we’ve added additional electrolytes on top of the BHB exogenous ketones. Keto Complete contains the electrolytes necessary for an active lifestyle, including: Magnesium (75 mg), Potassium (23 mg), Calcium (40 mg), and Sodium (80 mg) in every serving. Vitamin D has also been included for even greater value.

    Keto Complete has everything you’re looking for: The ketogenic energy source, and the valuable electrolyte minerals you need to function at your best.

    Perfect For Keto

    The Keto diet is all about ketosis (forcing the body to utilize fat stores for energy). The weight loss/management benefits of a body running on fat are immense, but the diet also has its challenges.

    Transitioning to Keto can be difficult. As your body learns to give up fat stores and use a different fuel source, it’s normal to feel sluggish or ill with the “Keto Flu”. Even after achieving ketosis, energy lulls are normal. Keto Complete won’t leave you feeling jittery or guilty about making a diet-harming selection. And you don’t have to worry about crashing afterwards. The energy provided by Keto Complete is sustainable and promotes more of the same healthy fat usage.