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    SMN Digestive Enzymes Complete provides a full array of the enzymes your digestive tract uses to break down food. Replenishing these stores allows you to get the most out of what you eat, and reduce bloating and gas.

    Complete Nutrient Absorption

    The work of breaking food down into its usable nutritional elements is done by an array of enzymes in the small intestine. Breaking food into its usable nutrient parts is one of life’s daily miracles. But to function properly, the body needs the enzymes that perform the task. Make sure your body has what it needs to get the most out of the fuel you provide it.

    Reduce Bloating, Discomfort, and Gas

    Failure to fully break down food doesn’t just cost you needed nutrients. Food that makes it to the large intestine without being properly processed, is fermented by the bacteria that populate this part of the digestive tract. The result: Bloating, Discomfort, and Gas. Fully break down the food in your diet to minimize the fermentation that leads to these unwanted digestive issues.

    Improve Energy and Mood

    To feel your absolute best, your body needs a full supply of the various nutrients used to build, feed, and heal your cells. Increase your energy and health through the full nutrient absorption that digestive enzymes provide. And improved gut health doesn’t end there. The “Gut-Brain Connection” means that mental performance and digestive health are closely linked. Smooth digestion that maximizes the nutritional benefits of food can actually result in an improvement in mood and stress.