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    Why You Need Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” because our bodies produce it in response to sunlight on the skin. This unique compound offers several benefits including insulin regulation, as well as immune, brain, and nervous system support. But one of the most important benefits of Vitamin D is the role that it plays in building and supporting our bones.

    The reason that Vitamin D is so crucial for bone health is the way that it interacts with calcium, one of the basic building blocks of our bones. Adequate Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium from the digestive tract, as well as reclaim calcium excreted from the kidneys.

    Why Vitamin D Needs Vitamin K2

    While Vitamin D is perfect for increasing usable calcium levels, it should never be supplemented without Vitamin K2. K2 works in the body to promote the movement of calcium to the bones. Without Vitamin K2, calcium stores can build up where they don’t belong. Calcium that doesn’t actually arrive at the bone can’t improve bone strength and density. And because unmoved calcium can build up in the arteries, it is always advised to pair Vitamins D and K2 for sustained cardiovascular health.

    Refined, Complete Formulation

    We use only Vitamin D3 and the MK-7 variation of Vitamin K2. D3 is the same Vitamin D that our bodies produce in response to sunlight. And the MK-7 version of Vitamin K2 works longer and goes farther than other Vitamin K2 variants. Bioperine rounds out the formulation to maximize absorption of these powerful nutritional supplements by the body.