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    Berberine For Weight Loss

    What is unique about Berberine for the purposes of weight loss is the fact that it activates an enzyme known as AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase).

    AMPK is sometimes called the “Metabolic Master Switch” because of the behaviors that it promotes on the cellular level. When influenced by AMPK our cells readily take in and use energy for a variety of functions including repair and maintenance. But the end result of cells that are using energy is a body that burns more calories throughout the day.

    Blood Sugar Control

    Complementing the metabolic boost of Berberine is its impact on blood sugar. This dynamic supplement has been shown in some studies to lower overall blood sugar on a level comparable to metformin.

    The reason Berberine is so effective at blood sugar regulation is that with Berberine the cells are ready to absorb blood sugar quickly. This quick absorption limits blood sugar spikes and the intensity of the insulin response. By reducing the need for insulin as well as actual blood sugar, Berberine improves insulin sensitivity.

    Heart Health Benefits & More

    Berberine offers heart health benefits both directly and indirectly. Maintaining a healthy body weight and lowering blood sugar both improve cardiovascular health, but the effects of Berberine on cholesterol make it a truly robust heart health supplement. Berberine has been shown in studies to lower bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides, while raising healthy HDL cholesterol.

    Berberine has also been used for gastrointestinal issues, joint problems, immune system support, as well as its naturally high antioxidant content.