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Mental Performance

When was the last time you struggled to remember a person's name, or where you left the car keys?

It happens to all of us, of course, and these types of lapses tend to increase with age. Our mental processing slows down over time, and retaining information just gets harder.

But even though losses in mental performance aren't particularly unusual, they are still very difficult to accept when they're happening to you. Our recommendation: don't accept them!

One of the big reasons that we start to slow down mentally is the gradual decline of a chemical in our brains called pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a hormone precursor that can be made into various elements that our nervous system needs to function at its best.

Pregnenolone levels naturally decrease at a steady rate over the years. The loss of pregnenolone is so consistent, in fact, that doctors can use existing pregnenolone levels to accurately determine a person's age. By the age of 75, our bodies produce 60 percent less than when we were in our thirties.

Loss of pregnenolone continues to slow us down as the years march on. Supplementing pregnenolone can make a tangible difference as early as 40, and it's impact only grows from there.

How Important is Pregnenolone, Really?

Consider this quote from Dr. Eugene Roberts, who has been a leading figure in the field of neurochemistry for over half a century:

“Of all the things that have been tested anywhere in the brain, this is by far the most potent.”

Pregenolone's impact is so significant that those who use this supplement are able to function better under stress. In fact, the average user of a pregnenolone supplement reports greater overall happiness due to the decreased impact of mental stress in their lives.

Still, the most remarkable benefit of a pregnenolone supplement is the impact on memory. Pregnenolone improves communication between the synapses of brain cells allowing for recall of existing memory, and retention of new information.

For memory enhancement and mental speed, there's nothing out there that's as exciting as pregnenolone. If you're not as sharp as you used to be, give yourself the mental edge with this wonderful supplement.


**Results may vary from person to person.