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Menopause Support Bundle

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    Jessica P.
    Absolutely Amazing

    I have been taking this supplement for over a year. It took about 2 months to see results, but ever since my period is like clockwork and I no longer have cramps. It is literally life changing for me. It is sad that Doctors prescribe opiods for period cramps without trying this solution first.

    Grateful - I have my life back!

    First things first - this is literally the first amazon product review I've ever done.Second - I was not paid by anyone to review this product.Like many others, I was desperate when I found this product along with the Progesterone cream that I also use at night daily. I just turned 50, am perimenopausal.Before using both of the creams, I was losing my ability to be a fully functioning human rapidly. Soaking night sweats, extreme mood swings, staggering fatigue and head fog during the day had me drinking large amounts of coffee and taking 3-8 advil per day to be able to work as a senior manager of a small, young team.Both products started working within 2 days. I felt calmer, cooler, was able to sleep much better.While I still have occasional night sweats and some monthly mood swings with my erratic perimenopausal cycle, I feel sane, refreshed, and will be eternally grateful for this over-the-counter solution.

    Candy D.
    None of the bad stuff

    Safest P Cream

    Great product!

    My teenage daughter struggles with some health challenges. One of the ones that worried me was at 14 she was having heavy periods that were 3 weeks apart. I talked with a number of health professionals and they gave me some good ideas, but a friend recommended DIM for her. She started taking it and within a month, her period was back to a 4 week cycle and stays that way as long as she takes DIM. It has been about 2 years since she started with the DIM. Here and there she'll go through stubborn patches where she doesn't want to take vitamins. When she consistently ignores her vitamin regime (which also includes methylfolate, chromium, and vitamin D) in about a month, her periods go back to 3 weeks apart. I gently remind her that if she takes her vitamins, it'll go back to 4 weeks. When she decides she's not stubborn anymore and takes them again for maybe a week, back to 4 weeks like magic. This DIM supplement has been amazing for her. It also helps elevate her mood. Now if only I could find a vitamin that helps motivate you to take your vitamins!

    Tina z.
    This works

    I actually think this works!! It’s only been a few days but I feel more energized less hot flashed and libido seems to be getting better.