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6 Ways to Treat Hot Flashes

If you enjoy hot flashes, stop reading before it's too late.

What, we didn’t lose you? That’s weird. But it must also mean that you’re among the few menopausal women that don’t enjoy random trips to the Sahara.

Okay, enough sarcasm. We all hate hot flashes. They’re uncomfortable, inconvenient, and they can cause us to sweat like we’ve just finished the Boston Marathon. For the women with the most severe cases, hot flashes can be outright debilitating.

There are ways to reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes before they occur, and we’ll list a few of those at the end of this article. But these six tips are all ways to cool hot flashes that have already started. Let’s jump in.

1. Moisturize

This hot flash extinguishing technique is one of our favorites. It does require a tiny bit of preparation (We do mean tiny), but in the moment, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

The trick is to store your body lotion in the refrigerator. When a hot flash begins remember that it’s time to moisturize, and let your skincare regimen double as your cool relief.

Few things can cool you down as fast as refrigerated lotion. Give it a try.

2. Cold Drinks

Imagine a glass of lemonade, packed with ice, the condensation covering the sides as a testament to the refreshing chill. You don’t need a hot flash to crave that drink, but when your internal thermostat rises, it can sound like heaven.

So don’t deny yourself. When a hot flash strikes, drink a cool beverage.

And there’s another level for you overachievers out there. Chew your favorite minty gum as you drink some ice water. The mint really turns up the intensity on the cold.

3. Ice, Ice, Baby

Here’s an obvious way to cool hot flashes: When things are heating up, it helps to apply ice to your skin. We know, shocking right? Still, not enough women take this step.

If possible, have a freezer bag ready to go. Filling up a Ziploc takes time that is better spent cooling down.

Of course, you won’t always be in a place where ice or a freezer bag are readily available. In a pinch, some cool water will make a quality substitute, and most places that you go will have a restroom with cool water available. Take advantage.

4. Know Your Cool-Down Spots

That freezer pack is a huge help, but you want to make sure that you’re truly getting the most out of it. Here’s a guide to the most effective places to apply cold:

These are all locations where blood vessels pass close to the skin surface that is being cooled. As blood flows by, it’s cooled, and circulated throughout the body. Pretty neat, huh?

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5. Let Your Skin Breathe

The psychological discomfort, and self-consciousness of a hot flash can prevent many women from taking some simple steps that would otherwise help them out.

What are we talking about? Showing some skin!

We don’t mean changing into your birthday suit in the middle of a fine restaurant. There are presumably laws against that kind of fun. But when you’re in the throes of a hot flash, the last thing you want to do is stay bundled up.

Take off what you can, and let the air around you be your friend. Dressing in layers helps.

6. Relax

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs to breathe during a hot flash. Taking deep breathes, and relaxing mentally will give you an edge as well.

Part of successful hot flash management truly is in our heads. Getting worked up when the heat rises only makes things worse. By remaining calm, you minimize the damage.

Preventing/Weakening Hot Flashes

There are also a few ways to change your hot flash frequency and intensity overall. Here are a few:

  • Consider supplementation. There are an array of supplement products and approaches out there. Find the one that works best for you. Talking to your doctor is always advisable. 
  • Recognize the patterns your hot flashes fall into. Are you having more hot flashes in the morning? Do you often have one during or after a certain activity. No two women are the same, and hot flashes follow different patterns for each of us. Being aware of your triggers is a huge advantage.
  • Watch out for alcohol or caffeine. Both of these chemicals are common triggers for hot flashes, so consume with caution, and take note of how they affect you.
  • Focus on your fitness. The better shape you’re in, the less impacted you’re likely to be by hot flashes. Regular exercise can also cool hot flashes, and is a necessary component of any fitness program.

With these six ways to cool hot flashes, and a few tips to avoid them in the first place, you should be cool as a cucumber. Share some of your clever tricks for dealing with hot flashes in the comments below.

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