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    Articles — Menopause

    How Do Hormone Creams Work

    Do Hormone Creams Work

    You don't have to know how hormone creams work for them to be effective. But it doesn't hurt. Besides, if you're using a cream hormone supplement, or considering using one, wouldn't you like to know how the magic happens... 

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    Top 10 Menopause Quotes

    Menopause Quotes

    Why menopause quotes? We think that more women should feel comfortable to talk about menopause. Every woman that lives long enough will go through it, so it's about time to shake what remains of the taboo...

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    6 Ways to Treat Hot Flashes

    Treat Hot Flashes

    We all hate hot flashes. They're uncomfortable, inconvenient, and they can cause us to sweat like we've just finished the Boston Marathon, at the worst times imaginable. For the women with the most severe cases, hot flashes can be outright debilitating...

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