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3 Self-Control Hacks to Use Now

They say that knowledge is power, but we're not so sure.

If you don't have the willpower to put that knowledge to use, does it really do you any good?

In fact, once you reach the bottom of that pint of Ben and Jerry's, you kind of wish you didn't know better.

While knowledge remains steady, or even grows, willpower always seems to ebb and flow. And that's where so much of our self discipline crumbles, in that space where we know better, but we're just too weak.

That's why we're changing things up a little. Instead of illuminating a topic related to your health, we want to show you how to cheat. With these 3 tools, you'll be able to actually use what you already know, and guard against self sabotage.

Cause let's face it... you're going to stumble. These tricks and tools will catch you before you hit the ground.

#1. kSafe

If there's only one thing on this list that you consider, make it kSafe.

kSafe is a sleek and simple plastic safe with a time-lock lid. Here's where the magic happens: Once the timer's set, you're locked out. There aren't any overrides, no unlock combinations, nothing. Only time gets you back in.

Why does that matter?

Because it allows you to get a long period of forced discipline with only a few moments of decision making. 

You can set the timer for a minute, ten days, or any time in between. And the uses for this device are only limited by your imagination. Maybe you lock away that snack that you've told yourself you would only have at night. Maybe you put away the remote control and avoid a day of slothfulness. 

Whatever your vice, there's probably a way to remove it for a set period with kSafe. The best part is that once the timer is set, temptation basically evaporates. When the candy, mindless entertainment, or whatever you're trying to avoid is beyond reach, your mind is freed from that desire.

#2. iCukoo

So many of our goals depend on getting the day started right. That means getting up in time to fit everything in. Besides, when the day starts off right, everything else seems to fall into place a little easier.

But getting out of bed is hard. This alarm app doesn't make it any easier to slide out of the sheets; it just make it harder to stay in them.

iCukoo is an alarm app for Apple devices that automatically sends money from your account to the non-profit organization of your choice when you sleep past your alarm. The longer you snooze, the more money is sent.

And if you find that the idea of making an unintended charitable donation isn't motivating you enough, you can set the app to donate to an organization that you wouldn't want to see the money going to (Political organizations are usually non-profits... just so you know). 

3. "StayFocusd"

These days frivolous internet usage can be a big distraction to achieving your goals. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube all beckon us throughout the day, and are designed to keep us clicking once we're there.

Most people have gotten caught in the social media trap, when they were supposed to be getting things done. When the problem grows, a lot of us consider disconnecting from social media altogether. 

But that's hard to do too. You don't want to give up the genuine benefits of staying connected and informed that these platforms offer.

If that sounds like you, there's an app for that. With web browser plugins like "StayFocusd", you can limit your access to the websites that are leaching away your productive hours.

These apps are dynamic too. You can restrict your access to whatever site you want for whatever time frame you need. Then, everything opens up again during your leisure time. "StayFocusd" is a Google Chrome plugin, but you can find similar products for free on the browser of your choice. 

For Firefox we recommend "LeechBlock", and "WasteNoTime" for the Apple browser Safari.

 Everybody is motivated when the plans are being made, but if you aren't ready for the time when that motivation fades, odds are that you will make some decisions you regret. 

Don't count on yourself to be perfect. With the help of these handy tools, you can make more progress with less willpower.

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