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SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

You’ve probably heard of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). FAQ’s resources are helpful guides, designed to answer the questions that people have most often.

This is different.

“Should ask questions” are the things that people aren’t asking, even though they should. As the leaders in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, we’re constantly working to give people the information they need to succeed. That means we’ve also seen some of the common blind spots.

So join us as we answer a few questions that you didn’t ask.

1. Do I really need to rotate hormone cream application sites?

Absolutely. It’s crucial to rotate application areas because the skin can lose some of its ability to absorb the hormones if not given enough downtime.

A day or two between applications should be sufficient to keep your skin fully receptive. Don’t freak out if you happen to apply to the same area for a couple of days. Small repetitions won’t cause a problem, but make sure you’re rotating as much as possible to keep the products fully effective.

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2. I’ve had great results, but some of my menopausal symptoms are returning. What’s the problem?

Way too many women simply give up, or struggle more than they should when the effectiveness of their current treatment changes.

Don’t make this mistake!

Every woman experiences menopause differently, and hormone deficiencies continue to shift over the course of menopause. In order to continue to be successful, it’s often necessary to adjust your treatment. If you’ve had success, but aren’t getting the same results, it simply means that it’s time to adapt to the new situation.

Hormone testing is always advisable if this occurs. By testing your levels, you can see what hormone level changes may have prompted the return of symptoms, and respond appropriately.

3. How long does it take to see results?

One of the biggest pitfalls with the use of BHRT products is a failure to give them adequate time at the outset. The effects of these supplements are cumulative, so our recommendation for determining effectiveness is 30 days of consistent use according to the instructions.

Changing usage based on day-to-day results is a mistake. Instead, take a broader perspective. Compare your symptoms on a monthly basis, and give yourself a real chance at success.

4. What products can men use?

We’re known as leaders in Bio-identical menopause solutions, but we also have incredible supplements for men.

Pregnenolone is a powerful nuerosteroid that is abundant in the brains of men and women alike, and declines steadily as we age. Supplementing this important hormone precursor has been shown to improve mental function, and memory in particular.

Restoring pregnenolone levels can bring back mental performance that begins to slip with age. And let’s face it, men could use all the help they can get.

DHEA is also a great supplement for many men. DHEA can be turned to testosterone or estrogen as needed in the body. Deficiencies in this dynamic hormone can cause loss of muscle, drive, and energy. For men with low DHEA, this supplement is the key to restoring lost youthfulness.

Finally, DIM is actually a very popular product for men. DIM is a part of our three core menopause products, but because of its ability to metabolize excess estrogen, it is widely used by men and women who are looking to lose body fat.

5. Am I using the right product(s) for me?

Okay, we do actually get variations of this question quite a bit. We just think that it’s one that everybody who uses our products should be asking, especially when it comes to the treatment of menopause.

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s crucial to success, so we’ll say it again: Menopause is different for every woman.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. For the results you’re looking for, you need to factor in your individuality, and make selections that are right for you.

So how many of these questions had you considered? Regardless of whether you’ve thought about these questions, we hope that the answers make a difference for you.

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