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Meet Candace Burch

SM Nutrition is proud to be partnering with Candace Burch, a leader in the field of hormone balance.

Candace offers hormone testing and consultation that is as dynamic as any program that we've come across. If you have unresolved hormone balance issues, questions about where you stand, or are looking for total confidence in getting started, this matters for you.

Candace is an educator, journalist, and women's health advocate with over 30 years of experience, and we're excited about the hope and clarity she can provide for many of our customers.

We asked Candace a few questions so that you could get a feel for her program and philosophy:


Why focus on hormone balance? 

Because its imperative that we understand the difference between balance and imbalance, a difference that essentially boils down to looking and feeling great whatever your age, or feeling like a burned-out shell of your former self.

I know what it feels like to be out of balance: headaches, hot flashes every 20 minutes, stubborn belly fat, foggy brain (What were we just talking about?), mood swings, PMS, etc...

...And because I don’t ever want to go back to being that person I didn’t recognize. Now that I know that balance is achievable – I cannot rest without passing it on!


What motivates you to do what you do?

My overarching aim is to teach women to recognize their own symptoms of hormone imbalance, how to test for these preexisting ‘silent’ imbalances, and to understand the extent to which imbalances may be contributing in a big way to persistent symptoms they’ve struggled with, even since their teens.

I personally became fascinated with hormones after studying endocrinology in my health education masters program, and learned the profound truth - that hormones rule!

When I understood that these potent chemical messengers literally govern the quality of our lives at every level (physically, mentally, and emotionally), I knew that if I wanted to understand how my body works, I had to learn how my hormones work, and how to work with my hormones. 

Once I found out for myself what it feels like to be IN vs. OUT of balance, it became my mission to help other women realize that they could be feeling so much better - that all these years they have been hardwired by their hormones to have hot flashes, mood swings, sugar cravings, and insomnia - and that it's not their fault. 

It's important to understand that despite trying to eat right, lose weight and get enough sleep, hidden hormone imbalances can sabotage our efforts to look and feel our best.


How can someone know if hormone testing and consulting with you is the right move for them?

Most women instinctively know when their hormones are off but have no way of knowing which ones are out of balance and/or how to find out.

This is why it is all-important for us to learn and know the hallmark symptoms of hormone imbalance – I have a quiz on my website that allows people to check off their symptoms and to get a score as to the likelihood that they have one or more hidden imbalances that may well be behind health issues they’ve been struggling with for months or even years.

If they have three or more persistent symptoms that they’ve had for weeks or months its time to make a move. Testing your hormone levels is the next step.

You block off a lot of time for each consultation. What does that look like? What should people expect?

It looks like a phone conversation, it sounds like information sharing and talk therapy and it feels validating and empowering.

My clients are given the time they need to feel they’ve been listened to, they take away knowledge about their innermost hormonal selves, and are supported in their efforts to make a lasting change with a follow-up Action Plan.

That plan can include natural herbs, supplements, and bio-identical hormones (as needed), as well as dietary, exercise, and stress management suggestions.

During our 50 minute consultation we will:

  • 1. Discuss each client's main health concerns and establish what they hope to get out of the testing and consultation experience.
  • 2. Explain the key hormone players and how hormones work and interact.
  • 3. Review individual client test results hormone by hormone (if applicable), identifying specific imbalances and matching them up with reported symptoms.
  • 4. Explain the action plan and resources they will receive post-consultation.


What's your message for people who have struggled with hormone balance for a while... those that may have had a little progress, but they're still frustrated?


Getting your YOU back is not always an instant fix. Re-balancing years of imbalance can take some work since it means making changes, big and small, and sticking with them long term. Consistency and perseverance is the game plan, and can bring relief faster than you might think.
By going through the testing/consulting process and following the re-balancing plan, you will be able to relieve symptoms, reduce risk factors for illness and disease, and improve your overall health! 

After following the program, many of my clients report that they’re no longer gaining weight, their periods are more regular and not as heavy, they're falling asleep is easier, and they’re not threatening divorce every menstrual cycle!
It is also important to consider testing your hormone levels in saliva, if you have only tested in blood. Saliva measures “bio-available” or active hormone levels in our body, which correlates much more closely to the symptoms we experience (such as weight gain, anxiety, PMS, lack of energy, lost libido), and allows us to address the root cause.

Saliva testing is also considered the gold standard for testing cortisol/adrenal function, as samples are collected 4 x over the course of one day. Through a convenient at home kit, we are able to measure Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol levels – giving us thorough, accurate information we can use to get you on the most effective re-balancing plan.

All in all, I do this work to educate, and through the power of shared knowledge, reassure women that hormonal imbalances need not be a permanent situation, that they can be re-balanced to relieve symptoms, renew our health and protect our vital life force.  

My sense is that somewhere along the reproductive road many women have forgotten how good they used to feel and indeed how much better they could be feeling. I hope to empower them to shout "STOP the roller coaster; I want to get off" – and know that they can!

Want to know more?

You can learn more about Candace Burch, and her in-depth hormone testing and consultation at her website:

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