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Maintaining Healthy Estrogen Levels with DIM

Here at SM Nutrition, our customers are always asking what supplements they should be taking to compliment their bio-identical hormone products.

What supplements will help to minimize menopausal symptoms, and improve overall health? Are there any supplements that the man in my life should be taking?

We’re glad you asked. Let us introduce you to DIM with BioPerine. We’re big on DIM. But in order to show you why we believe in this supplement, you need to know a little bit about the problem that DIM helps to address.

As menopause begins, several hormone levels begin to fluctuate, and fall off. The major hormones involved in this process are Estrogen and Progesterone. Imbalances in these hormones are what often cause the symptoms of menopause.

One of the common imbalances actually exists between the three forms of estrogen itself: Estradiol, estrone, and estriol. When there is too little estriol, relative to its two counterparts, a potentially symptomatic imbalance is created.

Another common symptom-causing imbalance occurs when a surplus of estradiol and estrone is present without corresponding ratios of progesterone. This condition is referred to as estrogen dominance.

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Both imbalances frequently cause the unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause. Our Hormone Replacement Therapy products address both of these issues directly. That's why so many of our customers have seen great success using both our estriol, and progesterone creams. These creams are bio-identical, and work to correct these imbalances in the body.

DIM (Di-Indole Methane) works to help correct these same imbalances, but goes about it in a different way. Instead of directly providing the hormone that is deficient, DIM works with your body to help metabolize the hormones that are too abundant, namely the two problematic types of estrogen: Estradiol and estrone.

As the body metabolizes the heightened levels of estrogen, the hormonal balance is easier to bring back into line. The result is a youthful feel, and minimization of the unwanted symptoms of menopause.

In addition to promoting the metabolism of estrogen, DIM encourages the body to break down excess estrogen in a healthy way. Because the metabolites produced from the metabolism of estrogen can be problematic under normal circumstances, DIM actually helps you avoid some of the risks for breast and cervical cancer development.

On top of these benefits, DIM is incredibly useful as a weight loss tool.

Elevated estrogen levels cause an increase in body fat. The differing levels of Estrogen in men and women are what is actually most responsible for the natural body fat differences between the sexes.

As men age, though, estrogen levels tend to rise, as testosterone levels fall. The result can be difficulty in keeping off the pounds for men and women. If excessive estrogen is at the heart of your weight loss difficulties, DIM is a must-have for your nutritional lineup.

So what exactly is DIM?

DIM is a compound that can mostly be found in nature's healthiest foods: cruciferous vegetables.  But in order to get the maximum effective amount of this compound, you would have to eat 2 pounds of cruciferous veggies each day. Even for veggie lovers (Hello both of you!), that just isn't realistic.

That’s why we offer DIM in an an easy once-a-day 200mg capsule. Our DIM is soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, animal cruelty-free, made in veggie capsules, and shipped in discrete and minimal packaging. It also contains BioPerine (a black pepper extract) to help the body thoroughly absorb the DIM.

DIM is one of the most powerful natural supplements that you will find anywhere.

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