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The Evolution of the SMN Menopause Hormone Test Kit

Menopause is not a consistent experience.

Two women of the same age, lifestyle, and general health could have totally different journeys. 

One woman may begin menopause prematurely (before the age of 40), the other won't start until she is nearly 60. Symptoms can be overwhelming, or barely noticeable. And the duration of menopause can be under a single year, or more than a decade.

And the reason behind this variety of experiences: Differing hormone levels.

That's why we were so excited to partner with ZRT Laboratories. Through this partnership, we've been able to offer women the information needed to get results. For years, the ZRT Hormone Test Kit has made the difference for thousands of women who would otherwise have struggled to find relief.

Now we're happy to have made another leap forward with the new and improved Three Hormone Testing Kit for Menopause!

What's Changed?

Previously, our kit included the testing of two hormone levels. You would select the hormones for testing on the kit's paperwork. That version of the test was crucial for many women's success.

So why make a change? Confusion.

ZRT Laboratories offers testing for a large variety of hormones, and knowing which ones to select with a submitted sample was sometimes difficult. For instance, there are three varieties of estrogen (estriol, estradiol, and estrone) that could be selected. Making a mistake was just too easy.

We needed our customers to have complete confidence in their testing, to know that the information they got back would point them in the right direction.

So we made a couple of big changes:

1. Each test kit now comes with the testing of 3 hormone levels.

2. The hormones are pre-selected, greatly simplifying the testing process. 

Our Hormone Test Kit now automatically tests for levels of estriol, estradiol, and progesterone.

Why Those 3 Hormones? 

Estriol is the most abundant and mild form of estrogen in the body. Levels of this estrogen variation are not inflated by environmental factors, and give a reliable indication of current estrogen production by the body. Low estriol levels will indicate estriol supplementation as an effective menopause treatment.

Estradiol is a more potent form of estrogen, and levels of this variation can be greatly impacted by the environment. Phytoestrogens (chemicals that act like estrogen in the body) are often in the form of estradiol. Elevated estradiol can indicate an overabundance of this form of estrogen, and the use of DIM to regulate estradiol is indicated.

Progesterone is the second feminine hormone produced by the ovaries, and too often goes overlooked in menopause treatment. That's a shame because progesterone is often more important to menopausal hormone balance than estrogen. Progesterone levels will tell you how important supplementing progesterone is for you.

When To Test

The new Menopause Hormone Test is designed to be the perfect tool for women looking to assess their particular needs. Usually that means women at the beginning of menopause, or looking into hormone supplementation for the first time.

But, as we noted earlier, menopause can be a long process with many twists and turns. Even if you have treated the symptoms of menopause with success, further fluctuation often makes adjustments necessary. If your results vary, it may be time to test your levels again.

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