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General Questions

How Is SmokyMountainNutrition.Com Different From Other Websites?

How Is It That Smoky Mountain Nutrition Products Are So Much More Affordable Than The Competition?

Products & Usage

What is Estrogen?

What Does It Mean If One Of Your Products Does Not Work For Me?

How Do I Use Both Creams Together?

Can Estro-Life Be Used As A Face Cream?

How To Use Estro-Life As A Vaginal Moisturizer?

What Color Should My Cream(s) Be?

Why do you offer estriol, instead of estradiol or estrone?

Should Estro-Life and Progesto-Life be applied in the morning or at night?


How Will The Weather During Delivery Affect My Creams?

How Will My Order Be Shipped And How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

What Are The Domestic Shipping Charges, International Shipping Charges, And Rules For International Orders?

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Is It Safe To Buy Online?

Is The Checkout Process Secure?

Can I Pay With PayPal?

I Don't Have A Credit Card. Can I Order Using A Check Or Money Order?

What Are The Details Of Your Satisfaction Guarantee (No-Hassle Returns)?

Wholesale Opportunity

Do You Have a Wholesale Program?

Which Products Qualify For Wholesale?

What Kind of Discounts Do You Offer?